Payment Options

KTO payment methods are powered by Interac, the leading Canadian online payments provider that supplies reliable and secure e-transactions between parties.

In order to use Interac, you must have an online banking account that is linked to the Interac network, however, this service already covers the majority of Canadian banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. 

Find out more about Interac here

How do I make a Deposit on KTO using Interac?

Once registered you can make a Deposit by clicking the green “Deposit” button at the top of the screen. 

Simply select your deposit amount and click confirm. You will then be redirected to Interac, select your bank and follow the steps shown on the screen. If all details are entered correctly your deposit amount will be transferred to your KTO account. 

How do I make a Withdrawal using Interac on KTO?

To make a withdrawal, click on your account name from the top menu on-site and select “Withdraw” from the drop-down menu, you will be given two methods to withdraw your balance: 

E-Transfer: E-Transfer is the fastest way to initiate a withdrawal,  just select the amount you want to withdraw and confirm. 

E-Cashout: E-Cashout is very similar to E-Transfer, however, you must provide further details including Financial Institution Number, Account Transit Number and Account Number to initiate the withdrawal request. Please note that this information will never be saved on our site and will need to be manually entered every time you choose to use E-Cashout as your withdrawal method. 

How long does the payment process take?

Deposit: Deposits are usually instant however can be delayed due to a variety of factors such as the time of day, method of payment and Interac processing times. Please contact support at if the transaction has not been completed within 24 hours.

Withdraw: Withdrawals usually take between 1-3 working days to reach your account. This service may be delayed due to factors such as your bank’s processing times. If the transaction has not reached your bank account within 5 working days, please contact

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