Play Roulette at KTO 

Welcome to live roulette at KTO, keep your eyes peeled to the wheel in this classic table game. Roulette is very easy to follow; a dealer spins a ball onto a numbered wheel and whatever the ball stops on is the winning number. 

You don’t necessarily need to just bet on the number, and what make’s it a favourite in the live casino is it offers many different betting options for such a simple game!  These are categorized into inside and open bets:

Inside Bets involve outcomes that are more number specific and are selected from the inside center of the table, these include; 

Straight: Bet on a specific number (1-36),“0” and “00” if playing American roulette. 

Line: Bet a group of 6 numbers

Street: Bet on a group of 3 numbers. 

Corner: Bet on a group of 4 numbers. 

Split: Bet on a pair of numbers. 

Outside bets include;

Column bets: Bet on one of the 3 column of numbers

Even/Odd: Choose if the winning  number will be odd or even. 

Red/Black: Choose if the winning number will be red or black. 

1-18: Will the winning number be between 1-18 

19-36: Will the winning number be between 19-36

Dozen: Pick a group of 12 numbers (1-12) (13-24) & (25-36)

Inside bets offer more winning potential at the cost of a lower probability, Outside bets are more likely to happen so offer less risk at the cost of lower payouts. When first starting perhaps stick to Outside bets so you get a feel for the game first.  Once you’re ready you can always mix it up and try a go at both! 

Enjoy the traditional but ready for something new? Try Lightning Roulette! A  faster paced and more game show centric version of the classic, be prepared for enhanced features and even bigger jackpots to win! 

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