All you need to know about KTO’s Super Toto Lottery

A Lottery is a popular type of gambling game based on chance but with an extremely rewarding payout if you can get all the predictions correct! At KTO we have a collection of lotteries to play, and here’s a simple guide if you want to understand a bit more about them. Here we will go over the following:

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What is KTO’s Super Toto Lottery?

Super Toto is a 1×2 Soccer Lottery.  Predict the results of a select number of soccer matches correctly to win! 


What is 1×2 Betting?

1×2 is a basic betting format where you can pick from the following outcomes;

1 = Home team win
x = Games ends in a tie
2= Away team win

When playing Super Toto you can pick up to two selections per match. Please be reminded that the entry price will be adjusted depending on how many extra selections are picked. 


What types of Super Toto can I play?

There are two types of Super Toto Lottery to play; the Jackpot and the Mini.

Jackpot: Predict the result of 13 soccer matches correctly to win the $20,000 grand prize.


Can I still win if I don’t guess all selections correctly?

The answer depends on the Super Toto type! There is no runner-up prize for the Mini Jackpot, but the Jackpot Super Toto has the following for players that just miss out on that top spot;

12 out of 13 results correct = $2,000 + Risk Free bet

11 out of 13 results correct = Risk Free Bet 

When is the Super Toto 1×2 Lottery available?

Super Toto is available throughout the week and you can easily find out when the next Lottery will take place by clicking on “Starting Soon” from the Super Toto main page.  


How can I bet on the Super Toto 1×2 Lottery?

In order to start playing you can follow this step-by-step guide: Click on Super Toto from the Main Menu. Select the type of Super Toto you want to play; if there are none currently live just click on “Starting Soon” to find out when the next lottery begins. Once you select the lottery, a list of football games will appear. Start making your selections in the 1×2 format. If you want to improve your chances of winning, you can pick more than one selection per game. For example, you can select the home team to win (1), and a tie (1x) – but not all three (1x,2). Another thing to note is that the entry price will change depending on how many extra selections you make, but it comes in really handy for games you just can’t decide on! Once you’ve made all of your selections, you can confirm your entry by clicking “Place Bet”.


What is Super Toto Score 4?

Score 4 is one of the simplest lottery type games on offer. Simply predict the exact scoreline of 4 soccer games to win! 


How can I bet on the Super Toto Score 4?

  1. Select “Super Toto” from the KTO Sports page, and choose “Super Toto Score 4”
  2. Select your goal predictions for each team and lock in your bet by clicking the scoreboard featured in the middle of each selection.
  3. Once all 4 scoreboard predictions are locked in, simply click “Place Bet” and you’re ready to go! 


How can I register to play Super Toto?

In order to play Super Toto you’ll first need a KTO account. Registration is free and you can sign up by clicking here


Responsible Gaming at KTO

Responsible Gaming is taken very seriously at KTO and we want to create an entertaining and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. We give players easy access to set their own limits and bet, deposit, loss and session limits can all be applied. If further steps need to be taken, players can also choose to self exclude themselves or apply a cool-down to their account. If you feel like you may have a gambling problem please visit the Play Responsibly page for more information.

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